Installing Auto Glass – Do’s and Don’ts

The glass in your car is made of highly resistant material damage, which is one of the reasons why it is used as windshield and door windows. If you have to replace the car windshield or repaired, there are some things you should do and do not do.Things you should do

• Avoid slamming the doors

most cars and other vehicles have an airtight system. If you have just had any of the glass placed be sure that when the windows are rolled up that you avoid slamming the doors. If you do slam the doors, it could create excessive air pressure against the newly installed glass. This can impair the seal of the glass, which could shift the glass from its actual position. It could also cause a leakage from the glass. If either of these two happens, you will have to take your car back to the shop to have the problem fixed. They will generally have to replace the glass

• Replace the wipers as needed

these mechanical devices operate against the windshield when it rains or rain. Overtime, they become worn out and can cause a nasty scratch or damage your windshield. When this happens the windshield starts to wear out and may need to be replaced. Check your windshield wipers and replace them every few months or as soon as they start to look tired.

Things you should not do

• Wash your car

after having new auto glass installed, you need to wait forty-eight hours before you wash your car. This includes washing it by hand and using a car wash. If you do not wait, it can damage the window seal that was glued to the car during the new windshield replacement.

• Driving the car too soon

after having he auto glass replaced you should wait at least sixty minutes or longer before you drive the car. When doing windshield installation, the auto glass service technician uses materials like adhesives and special glass. They need time to settle down with the temperature and humidity of the environment.

• Tapes on windshields

when windshields or windshields are installed, they usually use special tape to secure molds, especially on the windshield. You should not delete this recording until twenty-four hours later. If released too quickly then the needs of supporting glass is lost. The recording usually does not preclude your ability to look out of the windshield so it is safe to drive with the tape.

If any questions are asked to the technician and they will be happy to answer your questions. Most will tell you what should and should not be done after automatic glass installation